Make the Most of Your “You” Time    

Why do we work out? to get toned, to be healthier, to slim down, to feel better. The more consistently we exercise, the better we will look and feel. And feeling good about how we look has a major impact on our mood, but the best reason is the payoff we get after we finish.

Getting active it’s a lifestyle, it’s about training, motivation, nutrition and recovery; and it has a ripple effect because once you go through it, you will want to be more active. When you are active your mental strength improves, and when something gets tough, you are more efficient solving problems. Achieving your fitness goals ups your confidence, reduces stress and clears your head. So feed your mind and challenge yourself. Discover that you are stronger and more capable than you thought you were. Be proud to see how far you have come.

If you can’t manage an exercise, don’t get discouraged and do what you can, but keep moving. For every hour you exercise, you extend your life span by two hours. Alternate your workouts for maximum results: do high-impact training followed by low-impact cardio and vice versa, to ease up on your muscles and joints. Also, it’s helpful to mix other workouts into your routine: cross-training prevents overdevelopment of some parts of your body, injuries and imbalances, and moving in many directions boosts agility and increases performance. Push yourself. Tighten your abs on a stability ball to engage your core more, flattening your belly. Variety, consistency and balance are key in the world of fitness.

Once you are done exercising, work on your flexibility; take your mind and body to a whole new level, stretching the areas you have been working. Post stretches get your muscles back to their normal length, help relax your body, promote circulation and reduce muscular soreness.

Give your body a chance to rest. When you exercise, you break down muscle fibers, and recovery is the process that reshapes your body. Getting more sleep provides you a boost in alertness and helps prepare you for your workout. Focus is crucial; learn how to tune out unnecessary distractions.

Just talking about a workout can up your self-image, and praising someone else’s healthy habits can make you feel more confident. Exercise is a privilege that your body gives you to improve your health and quality of life, you should simply enjoy it and have fun. You will feel more fulfilled if your goals are based in passion and not obligation.

Fitness is confidence. Because when you are fit you feel alive and determined, and then you can do anything you want.


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