Design and Smart Fabrics Make the Difference

To achieve a good workout, there is nothing better than being motivated. This applies not only to be physically fit and full of energy, but also mentally. It’s a fact that if you feel good with your clothes, you will exercise more animatedly, and that will be reflected in the results. You will also turn heads and get compliments. So why do sports with oversized T-shirts and unflattering boy shorts?

Women want to be on trend but also want something to wear longer than a few months, and here is where durable fabrics and unique designs come together.  It takes extra care to find the right fabric to suit the structure of every style, so whether you are looking for a flattering outfit or separate pieces, you can be confident that the materials used are the perfect fit.

Form Fits Function

Ultra-premium fabrics hold their form and shape against a woman’s body in a suitable way, smoothing imperfections and complementing the character of each look.

You are as young as you feel. Smart designs are created to multi-task, elevate everyday experiences, and add a little more joy to life. And you need to be assertive to get the look.

It’s quite simple to pull off different styles, here is some advice:

  • Loose pieces: the loose fit lets you lounge. Balance the volume with fitted leggings or capris. Incorporate flowy fabrics but experiment with fit: for example pair a body-hugging top with loose pants for a chic sloppiness.
  • Jackets: make them the focal point of your outfit. Designed with bold patterns, prints or metallic accents, they tackle an array of fashion occasions, expressing your style while working out or for everyday wear. There is no reason to take them off until you get home.
  • Colors: brighten up your look with vibrant colors. Shades beyond the prism are best worn with pieces that won’t challenge their intensity. A vivid tone adds pop to a classic style and polish up the look.
  • Tops: don’t be afraid to show some skin, try with sexy off-the-shoulder, cutouts or open back tops. Combine sheer materials with unexpected shades. Wear them with tights, crops or shorts for a casual style. A bra top underneath is the perfect combo for sweaty workouts.
  • Bodysuits: like your second skin, these out-of-this-world pieces caress your every curve and make you look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Perfect to layer up or wear solo.
  • Bottoms: you can be on trend with minimalism to elongate your legs or be glamorous and effortless with chic prints. Clean lines and bold hues say you know who you are. Also, some styles are comfy enough for traveling and go with everything.
  • Accessories: from colorful headbands and fitness gloves to fashionable cover- ups, they can be the perfect match to your ensemble and a creative way to embrace your active lifestyle.

These tips will get you from workout to night out in a flash. But it’s very important to balance the look by wearing comfortable and functional clothes that will make you look perfect. After all, innovative design and technology go hand in hand.

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